About RCD

riskncrisis informs about ongoing activities of the ‘Risk, Crisis and Disaster (RCD)’ section of the Institute of Rescue Engineering and Civil Protection at the TH Köln – University of Applied Sciences, Germany. This website is currently under construction. It will inform you about research projects, events, Bachelor-, Masterprograms and PhD research.

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Science Meets Practice: RCD in Research and Education

Disaster, risk and crisis management are currently expanding fields in many professions. International, national and local organisations, governments, companies and service providers, the media and the people themselves are increasingly involved in, affected by, and active towards managing risks, crises, and disasters.

At our section at the TH Köln – University of Applied Sciences, we cover natural and environmental hazards, technical and other, both unintended and intentional man-made hazards and threats. Apart from the hazard characteristics, the multiple paths of impacts on multiple impact spheres – ecological, economic, political, societal, and so forth – and the cascading repercussions and feedback-loops between those systems, are of major interest. A strong focus of our research is therefore on the assessment of system characteristics, vulnerabilities and capacities, resilience features and dynamic trajectories, critical infrastructure elements and networks.

Integrative framework concepts and theories of risk management, risk governance, sustainability, resilience and system theory provide an elementary basis for transferring and comparing observations and results. Being part of the Institute of Rescue Engineering and Civil Protection, we also foster links between theory and application, with an emphasis on engineering, problem solving, innovative and transdisciplinary mindsets. We offer applied state-of-the-art methods, both quantitative and qualitative, but also mixed methods and modern learning environments for our students by applied research.

The demand on broad-minded experts with a specific educational and practical record in this area is steadily rising. However, interdisciplinary and integrative degree programs are in many places wanting or just starting. At the TH Köln – University of Applied Sciences, we are currently developing new and modern courses in disaster, risk and crisis management.

More information on research projects

20130529_142634_Teaching1More information on education opportunities:
The first modules in Risk and Crisis Management started Sept 2013. In the start-up phase, the Bachelor program will be in German, the Master program, too. However, the RCD modules will be lectured in English language as soon as there is sufficient demand.

More general information about the courses and programs in German language at the official institute and university websites.


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