Event, crowd and visitor safety and security

The latest batch of our advanced training course for professionals, ‘Visitor Safety and Security’ („Fachplaner Besuchersicherheit) in German language started on Oct 13th 2017. The 25 participants have a background ranging from public administration, police and security, event safety companies and a few university students. The project work task for the participants consists of developing a `safety and security concept’ („Sicherheitskonzept“) for a major sports event planned in a major city in Germany. Courses are covering aspects of real cases of event planning and management, legal aspects, sociology, psychology, communication, risk assessment and management, and others. The next batch, applications, fees and more information can be found at:

We are also active in the field of event safety and security, crowd management etc in the ‘Working Group Event Safety and Security’ (AGVS)

Related publication from this group: Event Security – A Culture of Responsibility (2017)


New Sessions of Risky Monday

The TH Köln University of Applied Sciences – Institute of Rescue Engineering and Civil Protection – welcomes you to new sessions of  lecture series “Risky Monday on interdisciplinary risk and crisis management.
We invite experts from different scientific and practical fields to share their experience and to discuss respective challenges and opportunities.


Internal as well as external visitors are always very welcome!

For more information or suggestions about future topics please contact Celia Norf (celia.norf(a)th-koeln.de) and have a look at https://wordpress.com/page/riskncrisis.wordpress.com/630



BigWa presented on social media/spontaneous helpers congress at the Academy for Crisis Management, Emergency Planning and Civil Protection (AKNZ)

From September 21 to 22, the conference “Social Media, spontaneous helpers and law in civil protection” (” Durch Social Media organisierte Spontanhelfer /ungebundene Helfer und Bevölkerungsschutz. Spontanhelfer/ungebundene Helfer und das Recht”) took place at the Academy for Crisis Management, Emergency Planning and Civil Protection (AKNZ). Experts from research, public authorities/organizations that perform security tasks, administrations and civic associations discussed problems and possible solutions. Jan Bäumer presented the interdisciplinary Research Area “Civil Protection in societal change” there with, participated in different discussions, such as problems with data protection by using Social Media Monitoring Tools or new technical/organizational solutions to integrate spontaneous helpers in disaster management. All participants of the conference got many interesting inputs from the practical as well as from scientific point of view: As Example the fire brigade Frankfurt am Main, a representative from the Working group of the heads of professional fire brigades in the Federal Republic of Germany or the THW spoke about their experiences with the use of social media and spontaneous helpers in situations like the terror act in Munich in July 2016, the biggest defusing of a world war II bomb in Frankfurt in September 2017 or in  flooding situations. Different scientist presented their new Tools, like KUBAS from the Martin-Luther university Halle-Wittenberg, which functions as a mediating between spontaneous helpers and authorities/organizations that perform security tasks. So both sides can report their needs or supply possibilities and the system tells them, where to go or what to do and respectively, who provides help. On the second day the focus was on legal problems, like insurance possibilities or data security.

Homepage of the Research Area: http://bigwa.web.th-koeln.de

Risky Monday: Challenges of international Humanitarian Aid

We thank Mr. Altheim very much for this interesting insights.

For further information please contact Neysa Setiadi (neysa.setiadi(at)th-koeln.de)”


Risky Monday – Terror risks at events

On May 29th the Institute of Rescue Engineering and Civil Protection presented in context of the lecture series “Risky Monday” a panel discussion regarding the “Terror risks at events”. Mr. Buschhoff und Mr. Scherer discussed various aspects of the difficulties of technical systems for maintaining safety in dynamic systems. Background of the discussion was also the terror attack in Manchester on  May 23th 17 which took place in a concert of the famous singer Ariana Grande.

Mr. Buschhoff und Mr. Scherer are teaching staff members in the  group of Event Safety.


Video on lessons of disaster recovery and resilience in the context of the Indian Ocean Tsunami 2004


This video sums up discussions of the DAAD Alumni seminar „11 years after the Indian Ocean Tsunami 2004 – Lessons of Disaster Recovery, Rehabilitation & Resilence“ conducted by TH Köln University of Applied Sciences, United Nations University (UNU) – Institute for Environment and Human Security (UNU-EHS) and the Social Policy Analysis and Research Centre (SPARC) of the Faculty of Arts, University of Colombo on the topics of disaster recovery, rehabilitation, resilience and their effective and sustainable implementation in practice.

Please note that the video is very short and lacks quite a number of specifics such as deaths also in Africa and more background on vulnerability and resilience. However, the main message we want to convey is the discussion of the effectiveness and sustainability of short and long term aid and recovery measures implemented in context of the Indian Ocean Tsunami 2004.

Special thanks to all participants of the DAAD Alumni Seminar who shared their experience and expertise as well as to the video’s motiondesigner Johannes Stahl (http://stahldsgn.de/).

New Sessions of “Risky Monday”

We welcome you to new sessions of the Risky Monday, the  lecture series on interdisciplinary risk and crisis management where we invite experts from different scientific and practical fields to share their experience and discuss respective challenges and opportunities.

The Risky Monday takes place on a regulary basis from 5.30 – 7.00 pm at the TH Köln University of Applied Sciences, campus Deutz, usually in room ZS8-8 (south wing, floor 8, room 8).