The Team

Alexander Fekete
Alexander Fekete is Professor of Risk and Crisis Management at the TH Köln – University of Applied Sciences. His present research focuses on urban resilience, social vulnerabilities and critical infrastructures.
Telephone: +49 (0)221/8275 – 2604
E-Mail: alexander.fekete α

Directions: TH Koeln Fekete – detailed directions
Wegbeschreibung: Anfahrt TH Köln IWZ Fekete

Christiane Stephan
E-Mail: christiane.stephan α

Celia Norf
E-Mail: celia.norf α

Katerina Tzavella
E-mail: katerina.tzavella α

Neysa J. Setiadi
Email: neysa.setiadi α

Chris Hetkämper

Student Assistants
Jan Bäumer

Lizzy Moonga

Former Team Members (see also archive)
Martin Blümel
Robin Alan Bloniarz
Jessica Bussing
Patrycja Chojnowska
Marc Drechsler
Lukas Edbauer
Julian Heuser
Martin Hilljegerdes
Rachel Ihle
Marcel Köster
Thomas Pappert
Johanna Rixen
Simone Raab
Tim Usner

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